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Metalgalactic FX Box


All our prices are in Canadian dollars.

The Metalgalactic is a 4.5 fx in 1, all in an aluminum enclosure with a ScrewedCircuitz unique design.

Included are :

– Fuzz

– Mega Distortion

– Resonant Filter

– Delay

– Tremolo (when delay is completely starved, hence the .5 fx)


-Feedback loop

From a good kick in the teeth to an atmospheric dirty drone coma , this thing comes with attitude! If you’re looking for something unique, made with care, late at night that can take some of your artistic abuse… Well, here you have it all in one and if your life partner starts complaining about all that noise, not to worry, there’s a small volume knob at the back to adjust the mood.

Are we going to have some forever? Who knows… They’re here now. A unique fx for a unique artist. BUILT – FOR – YOU! Play it with your guitar, synth or whatever else and let us know what you created. We love hearing/seeing what you make with what we made, so keep us in the loop!

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9v dc not included (centre pin negative like most of them out there…)

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Please note there will be a delay up to one month before receiving your FX Box, thanks !