Lo-Fi Sampler
Lo-Fi SamplerLo-Fi SamplerLo-Fi Sampler

Lo-Fi Sampler


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This series is entirely hand-made and conceived to be hand-held.
The Lo-Fi Sampler is armed with an SD card that keeps your recording/sample forever until you hit record again and it can record up to one minute (more or less depending where the “pitch pot” is positioned). With its’ Pitch till glitch and touch sensitive retrigger, this circuit bent instrument creates crunchy beats, atmospheric undertones and with all its possibilities, it’s sure to keep you passionate and inspired.
Other basic features include, volume, record button, built-in microphone, 1/4 ” output and an on/off switch. This instrument is equipped with a 12v battery holder and a 9v DC jack center pin negative, giving you the best of both worlds.
The battery and DC plug are not included.

Watch the video here!