The e-Mental m!n!

eMental M!N!


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The eMental M!N! is a square wave synthesizer equipped with 5 light-sensitive sensors and 3 switches. Built to inspire and create a unique world of sound, this artwork is for artists seeking to immerse themselves in ambient sounds. 

Choose your environment! Do you prefer to play in the light or make sounds in the dark? Let your inspiration guide you, whether it’s your hands creating a shadow or a flashlight beaming the light … Control your chaos as you wish, the only limit is your creativity! 

This synthesizer is armed with a pre-amplified input, output, a matrix mixer on the back and a switch control to amplify direct line-in all to improve your experience. 

Feedback loop anyone? Yes please! Add your own effects boxes, guitar pedals or even your mixer to the loop that will suddenly turn this instrument into an ultimate noise escapade. Come and tame this beast!

Dimensions of the instrument

H:     4.5″

W:    4″

L:      9″

Watch the how to video!

Watch a fun demonstration!