SaveAs far as I can remember, I have always been surrounded by musicians and artists. At the age of 5, I began classical piano lessons and at 13 years I passed my final exams at the McGill Conservatory. Adolescence brought me to discover music that was less commercial and less accessible. This influenced me to expand to other musical instruments fueling my search for original sounds even at this young age.

Today, I build my own electronic musical instruments. The sounds I discover and invent are primordial. These unique sounds become the true essence of my instruments but the physical design is as important. I always try to take it a step further making it, in my opinion, truly unique. A musical/noise instrument should stimulate all the senses and it must inspire from the first look and then carry you away to their first performance!

I present you my passion – my electronic musical and noise instruments.

Dan Rouleau My name is Dan Rouleau and welcome…

To the world of ScrewedCircuitz Inventions Sonores.